Worst trades between the Miami Dolphins and Cardinals

Marlin Briscoe (Photo by: Kidwiler Collection/Diamond Images/Getty Images)
Marlin Briscoe (Photo by: Kidwiler Collection/Diamond Images/Getty Images) /

Over the years that Miami Dolphins have made some bad trades and these weren’t good either.

When it comes to the Miami Dolphins and the St. Louis Cardinals, a few trades have worked out well for the Dolphins but these trades did not.

In 1987, the Dolphins wanted to get back into the 2nd round of the draft, and to do so they traded the Cardinals 3rd and 5th round picks for the Cardinals 2nd round selection.

Miami used that extra second on receiver Scott Schwedes. Schwedes was a quick receiver but he really never fit into the offensive scheme. He played 3 1/2 seasons with Miami and half a season with San Diego. For his career, he never reached 1,000 yards combined and started only one game of 41 for Miami. He did not start a game in the five he spent with the Chargers.

In 1975, the Miami Dolphins would send two quality depth players to the Cardinals for a running back and as part of a deal for previous trade for a TE. The Dolphins didn’t get any value from either trade.

Leaving Miami in the deal was WR Marlin Briscoe and RB Hubert Ginn who had both been a part of the 1972 perfect season. Briscoe would spend two more seasons in the NFL but with three different teams and none of those teams would be the Rams.

Ginn, who had been with Miami since 1970, would not make the Rams roster either. He would end up with the Raiders and play three more seasons.

The Dolphins would see RB Donny Anderson and Jim McFarland come to South Florida. Anderson would not play for the Dolphins and his NFL career would end with the trade. McFarland spent one season more in the NFL, playing six games with the Dolphins.

The trade, as it would turn out wasn’t good for either the Cardinals or the Dolphins.