Miami Dolphins rookies to report next week but it is not looking likely

The Miami Dolphins are supposed to have their rookies report to camp next week.

The Miami Dolphins were hoping to see their rookies on the field next week but now, training camp could be delayed amid uncertainty.

Will there be a football season in 2020 is a popular internet search and with camps starting as early as this coming weekend, the Miami Dolphins may find themselves waiting.

Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald reported earlier today that a source told him the Dolphins have informed their players that “everything is up in the air” in regards to reporting to camp.

That makes sense considering that South Florida is one of the hottest spots for COVID right now. A pandemic that many believed would die off in the summer heat is apparently spreading like wildfire in one of the hottest spots in the U.S.

The Dolphins, and of course the fans, were hoping to get their first glimpses of the rookie class that is headlined by quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Whether that happens now or not remains to be seen. The NFL is saying everything will continue to proceed as planned but even they are negotiating with the NFLPA on options for players to opt-out of the season amid concerns.

The NFL is facing criticism and a deadline for their 2020 season.

The entire season is hanging in an unknown cloud. MLB returned but without fans, the NBA is having a lot of difficulties getting things fired back up in Orlando, and the NHL is working to finish their season. In the NCAA, some conferences are moving to play only conference games while others have opted to shut it down for 2020.

The NFL has a shifting deadline but with two teams reporting on Saturday, the deadline is going to come very quickly. Teams will be conducting COVID tests with players and coaches 48 hours prior to their arrivals but that too might change.