Miami Dolphins could have 5th overall pick in 2021 if NFL cancels season

The Miami Dolphins would likely end up with the 5th pick in the 2021 NFL draft if the season is canceled.

If the NFL cancels the 2020 season what will happen to the NFL Draft order in 2021? Well, the Miami Dolphins may end up at 5 overall again.

There is nothing concrete on this summation just yet. The NFL isn’t talking about it because they feel that the league will move forward with the season and that it won’t get canceled but we see daily what is happening to the MLB return and frankly we can’t be too certain.

If the league gives up on the season at any point, there is speculation that teams will keep the 2020 draft order and if that is the case, the Miami Dolphins will have a great position for the second year in a row.

To be clear, again, this is not something that is a rumor but it would make sense given the fact that the season wasn’t played. That being said there are teams out there who would take issue with keeping the 2020 order and if enough owners voice their displeasure it could lead to a vote that instead may turn to a lottery system or in the event a partial season is played, using those standings or perhaps a simmed season based on the current play.

One thing is certain if football doesn’t return there will be changes that have to be made to how the NFL processes moving into the 2021 off-season. To say nothing of what college athletes will be or could be available as we are seeing more and more students wanting to opt-out of their seasons.

The 2021 draft is a long ways away but it yet another thing to think about during this unprecedented situation.

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