Future headline? Miami Dolphins and NFL season canceled due to pandemic

The Miami Dolphins may very well have their season, and the NFL season canceled by the current pandemic.

Yes, you heard it here first.  The NFL will be hard-pressed to play all 16 games.  Remember the headline:  NFL Football gets shut down because of COVID!

From the news I’ve been reading, unless a COVID vaccine or suitable prophylactic comes out, the NFL will be hard-pressed to play a full 16 game season.

I know, everyone reading this thinks I’m crazy.   But, let’s look at the facts.  Right now baseball has postponed multiple games due to COVID, yet, the season continues.  That’s because, in baseball, games are relatively easy to make up.

How, will the NFL make up games due to COVID delays?  There are not enough open spaces in the NFL calendar to make up lost games.  Some of you out there are yelling the “NBA is doing it so the NFL can too”.

Yes the NBA and NHL are finishing their season IN A BUBBLE.  As of right now, the NBA has been in their bubble for less than a month and will ‘Bubble Up’  for a total of fewer than three months.  The same concept applies to the NHL bubble.  However, the NFL more than likely will not play a whole season ‘Bubbled Up’.

I’m sure the NFL has alternative plans in place and I would bet my life savings that the bulk of the alternative plans do not include a 16 game schedule.

Ask yourself, what will the season look like if just one or two games got canceled or if one team had to cancel two or three games because a bulk of the players tested positive.  Those canceled games will have a cascading effect on the rest of the NFL schedule.

According to the article on cbssports.com, MLB is ten days into the season and twenty percent of the league was sidelined with COVID 19 complications.  That’s not something the NFL can handle.

Right now, I’m hoping there’s something I’m missing as to why MLB didn’t catch those positive cases earlier.  Is it possible to make testing so stringent that anyone infected with the virus would get caught and isolated before they could spread it to their teammates?  I thought that’s what MLB was trying to do, but games are still getting canceled and players are still catching COVID.

Maybe the NFL has a better system than MLB or hopefully, the NFL can learn from MLB and get any issues fixed before the season starts.  If not, remember the headline: NFL gets shut down because of COVID 19.