Miami Dolphins will honor Don Shula with a 347 patch this season

Don Shula (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)
Don Shula (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images) /

Don Shula will be honored by the Miami Dolphins in 2020 with a new 347 patch.

When the Miami Dolphins take the field this year, it will inevitably turn into a commemorative season as the team honors Don Shula.

While the team has not revealed any big plans to honor the NFL’s winningest coach of all-time, they have announced that the team will wear a commemorative patch that has Shula 347 on it.

With the current COVID situation the Dolphins should not plan any in-stadium events honoring Shula who passed away in May. They should instead wait until the 2021 season when hopefully, a full stadium of fans will be there to bear witness.

Shula is one of the biggest parts of the Miami Dolphins legacy and while the team has opened Hard Rock Stadium to allow fans to pay tribute to the coach via the Don Shula statue outside the stadium, there has not been anything about a gameday celebration of his life although the team has said there will be, eventually.

2020 will be a season to honor Don Shula and it is great to see the Dolphins will wear the 347 patches and while we all expected it, it looks a lot nicer than just a DFS patch. The team announced the patch earlier today on social media.

Don Shula of course won 347 games in his career, the only coach that could conceivably catch him is the Greatest Cheater of All-Time, Bill Belichick. Belichick has 304 career wins including the post-season. If he were to win all 16 games the next 2 seasons he would need six more to match Shula. More likely, he will be within reach in four seasons if the Patriots can win 10 games each of those years.

Subtracting the post-season records, it would take Belichick over four years with perfect seasons to match Shula’s 328 career wins. Belichick has 273.

It really doesn’t matter this season because it should be all about Don Shula and in reality, it should be about Shula next season as well so all of the Dolphins fans can celebrate his life at a game event.