Miami Dolphins players and coaches will not come out for National Anthem

The Miami Dolphins have announced they will “stay inside” for Sunday’s anthems.

In a message that has been posted on social media, the Miami Dolphins players and coaches have made it clear they stand together and stand inside.

On Sunday, the Miami Dolphins will take on the New England Patriots. There will not be any fans in the stands and there will not be any Dolphins players on the sideline when the National Anthem is played.

As the nation continues to reel from riots, protests, and more, systemic racism has boiled over into our society and everyone has had enough. Over the last month, the Dolphins have opted to not skip practices to show their support the changes that need to be made but as the video above shows, they are ready to make their thoughts known.

The video is to the point and not in your face although their point is very clear. They have the voice to speak for those who do not and they are not simply going to remain silent. The subject matter is clearly divisive but it shouldn’t be. It should be discussed, openly, and often. It is not. It has become a political party line movement that seems to be more wrongly associated than correctly.

It doesn’t matter what side of what fence you stand on, the Dolphins are standing together. Miami has been at the forefront of social justice within the local communities and Stephen Ross has done a lot, including the RISE initiative for equality.

Staying inside is not going to be met with a bunch of fist-pumping from everyone but it is smart and it sends a clear, concise, message of unity which is how things begin to change. Without it, the status quo remains and we all lose.