Miami Dolphins should take notes from Florida Gators with Mike Gesicki

Mike Gesicki is becoming a huge weapon

After a monster week two performance against the Buffalo Bills, Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki had a relatively quiet game on Thursday night. Miami was able to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars, but Gesicki only had one catch, even though it was a touchdown. He put his athleticism on full display, skying in the air and making a very difficult grab and falling into the end zone. The Dolphins are in the process of building an offense around Gesicki’s strengths and have been given a great example from a fairly local college program. How can the Dolphins use Mike Gesicki similarly to the way the Florida Gators use their star tight end, Kyle Pitts. A popular comparison has been Brevin Jordan, a tight end from the Miami Hurricanes. However, that comparison is off base. Jordan is an explosive after the catch player. Miami literally throws him screens to get him going in space. That is not Gesicki’s game at all. He is the definition of a linear athlete.

Kyle Pitts puts on a show vs Ole Miss

Florida Gators tight end Kyle Pitts is a great comparison to make with Mike Gesicki. Both are ridiculously athletic touchdown machines who are essentially useless in terms of blocking. Florida lines up Pitts in-line more than you would think, but rarely run behind him as a blocker. He is essentially Florida’s best receiver. They line him up all over the place and exploit mismatches. Like many tight ends, he is too fast for linebackers and too big for safeties. However, he is also too fast for safeties to keep up with. Gesicki might not be excellent in the open field, but he’s a great linear athlete. Here are all of Pitts’ four touchdowns on Saturday.

Dolphins should copy this model

All four of Kyle Pitts’ touchdowns are plays that can be run for Gesicki. The first one down on the goal line is great given Miami’s tendencies. They have been run heavy inside the five, evident by Jordan Howard’s three one yard touchdowns. His second score, this one also in the red zone, is another great potential Gesicki package. Getting him lined up on the outside with a cornerback and giving him a jump ball is something that he would excel at. The third one is a way to get him going down the field. As stated previously, he is a great linear athlete. Throwing him a ball down the seam and letting him run in a straight line is the best way to use his great straight line speed. His final touchdown was a red zone post route into double coverage. Pitts, who is not as big, or as strong, as Gesicki, makes the contested catch. Any of these plays would be a great way to get Gesicki going.


Mike Gesicki has emerged as a straight up play maker for the Miami Dolphins. His inability to block should be viewed as an opportunity more than a hindrance. When it is time for the Dolphins to trot out their young quarterback, Gesicki would be a great weapon to have at his disposal. The young tight end, once looked at as a draft bust, has become one of the most productive players in the red zone in the NFL.