Five players that are moving in the right direction for the Miami Dolphins

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Despite the Miami Dolphins losing over the weekend, there are still things we learned from the game.

The Miami Dolphins lost a tough game that they could have won had they converted some of those field goals into touchdowns. So what did we learn?

It’s tough to look at a loss and try to find positives because most of what you see are negatives. Last weekend we saw some odd play calling from Chan Gailey. The Dolphins moved the ball well down the field and then as soon as they got into a position to get a touchdown, they stopped doing what was working to try something else.

The Dolphins lost but it wasn’t as bad as we might want to believe. Both sides of the ball made some mistakes and both sides made some tremendous plays. here are five things that stood out that we can take away from the game in a positive light.

Number five: Mike Gesicki needs more touches

There is no question that Mike Gesicki has great hands but he needs to be a major part of the offense instead of an outlet receiver. While Gailey’s offense has designed plays for the TE position, there is no reason for Gesicki not to be more involved.

On Sunday, Gesicki was targeted three times and had one catch. That is not going to get Gesicki moving the chains. He needs to be a primary option in the passing game. Why is this a positive and not a negative? Because Gesicki stood out the week before and this weekend we say him hardly used. The Dolphins have a player that is trending in the right direction and they can now see his overall value in the offense. I would say that’s a big positive.

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