Miami Dolphins make smart move to keep Hard Rock at 13K

Fans social distance at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, October 4, 2020. [ALLEN EYESTONE/The Palm Beach Post]
Fans social distance at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, October 4, 2020. [ALLEN EYESTONE/The Palm Beach Post] /

The Miami Dolphins got word today that they can increase stadium capacity to 65,000 fans.

On Wednesday, Florida entered phase three reopening and in doing so the Miami Dolphins are now allowed to have 65,000 fans in the stadium.

As I read the news I wondered if increasing stadium capacity was a good idea. On one hand, 65,000 fans in the stadium is good for the team and the fanbase but does it really matter if everyone ends up sick like doing the wave? It’s not.

As the NFL moves forward with the 2020 season we are seeing more players test positive for the COVID-19 virus. Two more in Tennessee this week and Stephon Gilmore has tested positive as well. The virus is still spreading and it only takes one person to walk into Hard Rock Stadium to create a massive growth.

The Dolphins have publicly stated that they will remain at the 13K capacity for now. Miami doesn’t play at home again until October 25th and that is perfectly fine with Tom Garfinkel who told the Sun-Sentinel that the team will remain where they are at capacity wise.  It does sound like they will reassess the situation after that game.

The NFL and the Dolphins need to be very smart with reopening despite the loss of revenue they are experiencing. Too many players are not following the NFL protocols and an investigation by the league into the practice of the Titans could be coming soon.

The Dolphins are playing this smart. They have vowed to not only protect their players but their fans as well. It’s not ideal to keep seating capacity at 13k but it is by far the best decision to make. There is still three more quarters of football to go this year and the Dolphins still have six more home games this season so at some point, if things settle down, they can begin to add more fans.

Honestly, the stadium capacity could hold more than 13k safely and while I agree with keeping the numbers low, increasing in phases isn’t a bad idea either.