Rainy weather could impact Miami Dolphins chase to .500

The Miami Dolphins will face the New York Jets this afternoon and it may get a little more than wet.

Today’s weather could impact the Miami Dolphins today as rain is in the forecast and could put the game on the ground for both teams.

According to weather reports, today calls for up to 70% chance of thunderstorms almost all afternoon. With the Dolphins game kicking off in the 2nd half of the day, Miami should see plenty of rain. Winds are expected to be upwards of 16 mph.

Of course, this is Miami and the weather can change on a dime. Two weeks ago there was clear skies predicted and  rain showed up that even delayed the game.

If rain does show up and it is heavy, we can expect the passing games to be grounded and both teams will need to rely on the running games. This should be an advantage for the Dolphins who have a better group of runners.

The Jets enter the game 0-5 but typically play the Dolphins very well no matter the record. If the game turns to a ground game, the Jets defense may benefit as their corners are giving up a lot of yardage. The Jets have their backs against the wall but Adam Gase is still running the show and as we know, things can get out of hand quickly for Gase led teams.

Today’s game will mark the third time the former Dolphins coach has played Miami since leaving. The teams are tied. With a win today the Dolphins will improve to .500 on the season.