Michah Parsons makes sense for Miami Dolphins 2021 3 round mock draft

Our latest Miami Dolphins 2021 3 round mock draft nets Micah Parsons at the top.

This Miami Dolphins 2021 3 round mock draft features Micah Parsons thanks to the Houston Texans who as of now are giving Miami a top 5 pick.

After another loss for the Houston Texans on Sunday, their draft slot has skyrocketed to fifth for the Dolphins, similar to their second rounder being 36th at the moment. However, where should the Dolphins go in this three round mock draft.

Once again I used the mock simulator from NFlmockdraftdatabase.com. I also want to premise this article with saying in the aggressive mock, the Jets selected Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields with the first overall selection and I just went with what was on the board.

Round 1, 5th overall 

Penn State LB Micah Parsons 

Parson is an elite athlete who can probably play any LB and EDGE role on a defense. When you talk about versatility in a defensive player, you would think Brian Flores would jump on that opportunity. Aside from how skilled Parsons is, he is what one would ideally think of as a ‘New England Patriots’ type player, the Dolphins would benefit from selecting the best available player. Aside from being the best available player in this mock, Parsons is also the most perfect fit in this defense.

Round 1, 14th overall 

Florida State DL Marvin Wilson 

Wilson would’ve been a top-15 pick last season if he opted out, but he should still land in that spot as well. As for the improvement, beefing up the defense is important and this pick does just that. if you watched the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Green Bay Packers game two weeks ago, you would’ve noticed that Tampa Bay pressured Aaron Rodgers on almost every play and held a team that scored over 35 points a game to just 10. Adding Parsons and Wilson will not only allow guys like Xavien Howard and Byron Jones to flourish, but Wilson should improve the run defense. Wilson and Christian Wilkins would form a stud duo

Round 2, 36th overall 

Alabama WR Devonta Smith

Smith was the 14th overall prospect in this draft simulator and, while this probably will not happen in real life, this opportunity was too good to pass up. Smith is as sure-handed and explosive as any possession wideout I have seen in a while and taking him at 36 is as much of a steal as the Colts taking Jonathan Taylor at 38th, the talent surpasses the draft spot. With Jaylen Waddle now out for the season, Smith should see a lot more targets, receptions, and touchdowns. Expect Smith to be a top-15 pick by the time the draft comes around.

Round 2, 48th overall

Alabama RB Najee Harris 

If you have followed my previous mock drafts, last weeks second round mock can be found below for reference, Harris has been in every single one for a reason. He is an extremely talented and promising player. Whether or not the Dolphins keep Myles Gaskins in the fold, it could be an extremely solid lightning and thunder combo between the two. If Harris is on the board for the Phins, it would be difficult to pass on the opportunity.

Round 3, 79th overall

Clemson WR Justyn Ross 

I know Dolphins fans still want to improve the interior offensive line, but if it wasn’t for a neck injury then Ross would carry a first or second round grade. As Trevor Lawrences top option at Clemson both of their first two seasons, Ross was great and his skill set should transfer to the NFL like other former Clemson wideouts. Drafting Ross and Smith will allow the Dolphins to clear some other wideouts from their cap and give Chan Gailey more big wideouts that he loves while simultaneously giving Tua Tagovailoa more weapons.