Miami Dolphins blew out the Broncos the last time and need to again

Miami Dolphins blew out the Broncos the last time and need to again.

In 2017, the Miami Dolphins faced the Broncos and it was a Miami Dolpins blowout victory, now, three years later, they need to play just as hard.

The Miami Dolphins lead the Broncos 12-6 and the teams have tied once. The Dolphins have three wins in five games and the last one, Miami won easily 35-9 in Miami. That game was in 2017. The previous two games, the Dolphins lost but one was a three point loss in 2014, in Denver, and the other was an overtime loss in Miami. That game was in 2011.

Three of the Dolphins six losses against the Broncos have come in Denver including the lone tie between the clubs. The 2017 blowout was is tied for the third highest scoring total by either team. The Broncos scored 39 points to the Dolphins 36 in 2014 and in 1999 the Broncos scored 38 points to the Dolphins three, the lowest points scored by either team and represents the largest margin of victory. Sadly, that game came in the divisional round of the playoffs.


This time around, the Dolphins are trending up while the Broncos continue to struggle. The Broncos will host the Dolphins with a 3-6 record while the Dolphins look for the 7th win of the season.

The Broncos are led by Melvin Gordon in the run game and rookie receiver Jerry Jeudy but it is unclear who will start at quarterback for the Broncos as Drew Lock was banged up last weekend.

Miami has a favorable three game stretch starting with the Broncos this weekend. They will follow that game with the Jets and Bengals before heading into the final stretch of the season with the hopes of a playoff birth.