5 things we learned the Miami Dolphins desperately need

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The Miami Dolphins are in year two of the rebuild so there is still plenty to fix.

After an impressive win streak, the Miami Dolphins are back to being a team that is, well, still rebuilding and these areas need fixed.

Winning will mask a lot of problems on a team and we are seeing now that Dolphins are no different than the rest of the league when it comes to having big holes to fill. On Sunday, the defense couldn’t lift the team on its shoulders and Tua Tagovailoa couldn’t carry them on his. Miami’s weaknesses were exposed and they remind us that there is still work to be done in the off-season.

Offensive line needs experience and more depth for the Miami Dolphins.

The Miami Dolphins invested heavily in their offensive line this year but are we certain that they are going to be good to go next year? Probably not. Jesse Davis is a great utility player but he has really struggled this year. Perhaps some of that is the continued movement along the line.

While Davis is versatile, he isn’t a master of any one position and really is more of a very good depth lineman than a very good starting lineman. On Sunday, the Dolphins had to use him at both RT and RG due to the injury to Solomon Kindley but even when he is at one position, he isn’t great.

The Dolphins need to decide on what to do with Robert Hunt. Either start him and let him take his knocks or sit him and let Davis play. Hunt needs to develop and so far, he is not playing at the level he should be.

Miami will need to invest in the offensive line again next year but not to the degree they did this past off-season. They need a center and another guard/tackle who will challenge and push Hunt but in reality, if they can keep Hunt on the field and let him develop, the line will get better or Hunt will get replaced.

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