Nick Belotto’s latest mock fills the obvious holes on the Miami Dolphins roster

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Filling the holes on both sides is the Miami Dolphins priority.

The Miami Dolphins missing out on the playoffs led to one positive in terms of their draft capital. In this mock, Miami will fill the obvious holes on the roster.

With the Miami Dolphins season over, it is now clear which picks they will hold in the first three rounds of the draft next season. Sitting at the third overall pick, Miami will have tons of options available to them. While I would love to see the Dolphins trade the third overall pick, for this mock, I won’t predict any trades. That being said, what are some of the options Miami has when it’s their turn in April?

Similar to my first mock, I will be using Pro Football Network’s Draft Simulator to make these picks.

Round 1 Pick 3: DeVonta Smith, WR Alabama

Ok, let me be honest: if Miami doesn’t trade this pick it will be a mistake.

With the number of valuable quarterbacks on the board at this point, there are many suitors who should be calling Miami trying to move up to this spot. Whether it’s Atlanta, Carolina or another team, Miami should seriously consider trading this pick away for more draft capital. This would be best-case scenario.

If they stay at this pick, there are three ways I could see the Dolphins going. The first is with Penei Sewell, the generational talent at tackle from Oregon. They could go with Micah Parsons, the incredibly athletic and versatile linebacker. Finally, they could reach for a receiver at this position. For me, Sewell may be the safest pick, based on his play and talent but tackle isn’t a need yet. Micah Parsons is an athletic freak and Miami needs a linebacker. But, wide receiver is a definitive need and there is no guarantee that there is a top guy in the second half of the first round.

I know this might be a reach, but, coming off his Heisman winning season, it’s too hard to pass up on a talent like DeVonta Smith at 3 overall. Smith is an incredible talent at receiver, who has great hands and can get separation, two things Miami’s receivers have lacked this season.

There hasn’t been a receiver in the top 3 in a long time, but pairing Tua Tagovailoa with a familiar weapon is too much to pass up at number 3.

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