Miami Dolphins super-fan Ian Berger “Big E” a finalist for Fan of the Year

The Miami Dolphins have a top 3 finalist for NFL Fan of the Year.

If you are on any of the social media platforms then you know Ian Berger. Big E as he is fondly known as is a finalist for the NFL Fan of the Year.

Earlier this week, Big E was informed that he was one of the three finalists for the NFL’s annual fan award. A video has now been released of him finding out that he would be going to the Super Bowl and that he was a finalist. You can watch that here. 

Ian is one of the nicest and most humble people you can meet regardless of where his fan allegiances lie. I thought about writing about him but honestly, I wasn’t sure I could do him justice. I’ve known Ian for about 12 years. I met him at an event in Miami way back then and we have stayed friends since. It’s an honor to be able to call him that.

Ian epitomizes everything that is good about the Miami Dolphins fanbase. He is dedicated to his team, his family, and his community where he participates in giving back services to help those who need it.

He doesn’t do any of this for recognition, he does it because it is who he is and it is how he and his wife are raising their daughters. It’s an amazing opportunity for Ian who will be representing the Dolphins at the Super Bowl and if all goes the way it should, Ian will represent the entire NFL fanbase as the NFL Fan of the Year.

If you don’t know Ian, you’re missing out. You can find him on Twitter @ian693 and you can check out his weekly (mostly during the season) two-minute podcast over on, another great site run by good friends.

I can’t speak to other finalists around the league but I can honestly say that Ian represents all of us. He is a fans’ fan. He will help you learn how to build your social media presence and will help you find others to connect to. He will share your joys about winning, and is the calming head when they lose. Ian Berger is more than a “Miami Dolphins” fan, he is a great guy and fantastic father. And, he is our friend, all of ours.

Good luck Ian, the entire Miami fanbase and the organization is standing beside you cheering you on!