Draft prospects worth the 18th overall pick for the Miami Dolphins

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The Miami Dolphins will have plenty of options with their second first-round pick.

In April, the Miami Dolphins will be on the clock at pick 18 provided it isn’t traded and there are a lot of quality options for them to choose from.

What the Dolphins do with their first pick in the draft, number three overall, will likely determine the direction they choose to go with their second pick. If the Dolphins draft defense at the top of the draft, we can assume that this selection will be an offensive player but Miami very well could double up on offensive players in round one.

Earlier this week we discussed the top three players available to the Dolphins at pick number three and today we look at the guys who could be around at 18.

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Jaylen Waddle – WR – Alabama

The Dolphins need to upgrade their WR position both in free agency and through the draft, preferably early. Getting Tua Tagovailoa weapons should be a priority. Waddle makes a lot of sense for the Dolphins here and he has a playing history with Tua at Alabama.

Waddle takes a backseat to DeVonta Smith who could go to the Dolphins at three overall which would make this pick needless unless they are hoping for an All-Bama offense.

Waddle is well-rounded as a receiver and would make the Dolphins offense better immediately, fills a hole and could be around at this time of the draft. Another landing spot could be the Patriots who draft at 15.

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