A brand new Miami Dolphins post Senior Bowl mock draft

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After leading the National Team to a Senior Bowl win, the Miami Dolphins are now focusing towards the offseason, mainly the 2021 NFL draft.

Coach Brian Flores has been winning a lot this year, and it carried over into the Senior Bowl. In a year where there will be no in person NFL combine and no Pro days, it will be a hassle to properly scout players for teams. However, by coaching the Senior Bowl the Dolphins were given a great opportunity to scout the players attending.

Even with all the rumors surrounding Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, this mock draft is what I believe the Dolphins should do for their team. There also may be some pick people disagree with, but I went with what the mock draft simulator gave me and here it is.

Taking Sewell will give the Miami Dolphins an elite offensive tackle

Round 1 Pick 3 

Oregon OT Penei Sewell 

If the Miami Dolphins want Watson they will need to deal the third overall pick. After seeing the price that Matthew Stafford just went for to go to the Los Angeles Rams, the Texans asking price for Watson should be through the roof.

However, if the Dolphins keep the pick it should come down to Sewell and Alabama’s Devonta Smith, who the team coached at the Senior Bowl. If the team wants to win with Tua Tagovailoa it makes sense to go out and get him weapons or draft Smith at three and reunite the two.

In my mind though, Sewell is just too good to pass up on. Yes, Smith had the best year of any College Football wideout probably ever and yes he is old college teammates with Tagovailoa, but teams that can win in the trenches are usually the ones that win football games.

Weapons are important to a team, but when considering that guys like Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Michael Thomas, Chris Godwin, Antonio Brown and more were pass catchers that didn’t go in the first round it should be encouraging.

If the Dolphins are able to properly protect Tagovailoa, which Sewell can be a huge help with, then the team can give him time to throw deep as well as open up the run game.

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