Tua Tagovailoa is working out hard for his Miami Dolphins future

Miami Dolphins players won’t be back in the training facility until OTAs and mini-camps begin after the draft. Players will come and go but unless they are doing rehabilitation, they won’t be doing any work. Tua Tagovailoa isn’t waiting.

A series of images made their way onto the internet showing Tagovailoa working out on his own (probably with others) but the point is he is working on his speed and agility and that is important for his future.

Tagovailoa missed all of last year’s off-season. Yes, everyone did as there was no off-season due to the pandemic but for Tagovailoa, it was an off-season of recovery and rehabilitation. This year, it’s time to get in mental shape as well.

With Tua running and throwing he is pushing his body forward and that will help him mentally. It’s important that he has confidence in his hip. Last year he took his hits and while he had some good games, he struggled with others. Those are all byproducts of a serious injury and being back on the field too soon.

Dolphins wondered if Tua should have played at all last year and there are good and bad points to be made on that debate. Regardless, he did and it’s time to move forward. Seeing Tagovailoa continue to work his tail off is good to see. He isn’t a “workout warrior” but he needs to keep pushing and testing his body so when the season rolls around, he knows it will hold up.

Tagovailoa is a lot of things but his competitive nature is exemplary. It is for that reason that many fans see last year’s failures as a reason to think positively for the future. Tagovailoa has faced adversity head-on at every level and excelled afterward. Seeing him working out now, getting stronger, did we really expect anything less?