Miami Dolphins 2021 draft: Complete draft order rounds 1-7

The Miami Dolphins 2021 draft includes two first-round picks at six and at 18 but they have a lot more than just the first round to add players.

Overall, Miami will have a total of eight selections to make, for now. That could change and likely will change once the draft begins. Many have focused on the first round but where do the Dolphins draft after that?

In round 2, the Dolphins will pick in the 36th spot. Teams tied with another team from the previous season rotate each round. This year the Texans and Falcons finished with the same record so the Falcons will draft ahead of Miami in round two. The pick will be the final one Miami received in the Laremy Tunsil trade from the Texans.

Miami will also select at pick 50. This is their own draft pick in the 2nd round. The Dolphins could use both of their two second-round picks to move back into round one or they may drop down from 36 and add an additional pick.

In round three, the Dolphins will select in spot 81 overall. In round four, Miami will select 156. This is a pick that was traded to the Eagles from the Cowboys and then to Miami in last month’s Eagles trade that moved Miami from 12 to 6.

The Dolphins will not make a selection in rounds five and six but will select twice in round seven at 231 and 258. I would expect the Dolphins to find a way to get back into the mid-rounds. There is a lot of talent in rounds five and six and Miami has done well in the past with fifth-round picks. This is where I think a move of one of the two 2nd round picks makes sense.

Round 1 – 6 and 18

Round 2 – 36 and 50

Round 3 – 81

Round 4 – 156

Round 5 – 0

Round 6 – 0

Round 7 – 231 and 258