Miami Dolphins draft rumor: Miami will take a top wide-out at six overall

The latest Miami Dolphins draft rumor comes from Matt Miller who says that he has learned the Miami Dolphins will draft a receiver at six.

It’s not much of a secret that the Miami Dolphins will likely go wide-receiver but fans want to know if that also includes Florida TE/WR Kyle Pitts. If Pitts is on the board and Miami doesn’t take him some fans my be upset but realistically, any of the top pass catchers are good ones. It’s a matter of which one fits the best in Miami’s system.

Failing that, the Dolphins, according to Miller will trade out to a QB needy team.

The rumor from Miller is behind a paywall so we can’t use his exact quote but can say it is what he has been hearing. To read his article, visit his page here. 

Miller is pretty good with sources but we should be cautious because when it comes to the Miami Dolphins, there are very few if any reliable sources. In this case, Miller seems to be referencing what he is hearing around the league so in that sense, either other teams are hearing things or expect Miami to go a certain way.

Tis the season for smoke and mirrors.

The draft is only two weeks away and then, all of this will go away and we can start talking about what the Dolphins should have done or could have done because well that’s what we all tend to do.

That was a joke, sort of, but the truth is that the Dolphins need to get starters for this year not players who will sit on a bench and learn for a year. They have four opportunities to do so on the first two days of the draft.