Intel led Miami Dolphins to lose out on Javonte Williams…maybe

The Miami Dolphins may have had Javonte Williams on the top of their day two wish list but we will never know if that was accurate or not.

In round two the Miami Dolphins selected Jevon Holland out of Oregon but new information seems to indicate that it was indeed Williams that Miami may have been after, of course, the Dolphins will ever publicly tell you or the media who they wanted with that pick.

According to an article, Broncos GM George Paton made a move because of “intel” he received that the Miami Dolphins were drafting him with the 36th overall pick. Paton called Atlanta and got the deal they need to move up from pick nine.

Where that so-called “intel” came from is anyone’s guess but after the pick was made, Paton received a text “from a person in the draft room of one of the Dolphins’ AFC East rivals congratulating him for thwarting Miami’s plans.”

If Miami was going to draft Williams, the play by Denver was a good one and Miami’s consolation was drafting Jevon Holland instead and bolster a defense that is getting better each year.

If there is any consolation to all of this, the article says that Denver coveted Jaelen Phillips so much that they tried to trade back into round one once he got past pick 15 but while on the phone with Green Bay, the Dolphins selected him at 18.

Regardless of how it played out, it looks like Williams was pretty close to being the Dolphins 2nd round pick but again, Chris Grier and Brian Flores keep a pretty tight lip on what they are planning to do and as far as we know, that “intel” could have been leaked by one of those two in the hopes that Denver would trade up and Atlanta would not draft Holland.