Miami Dolphins will be in good shape with a $25 million cap jump in 2022

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - OCTOBER 23: Mike Pouncey /

The Miami Dolphins will get a big boost of money in 2022 when the NFL salary cap will jump almost $25 million after a drop in 2021.

According to a report, the NFLPA and the NFL have agreed on a salary cap for the 2022 season of $208 million and change.

The Dolphins will already have more than $60 million in cap space in 2022 according to Now an additional $25 million could be what the Dolphins need to get several potential free agents under contract by the time that off-season comes around.

The news is not surprising. The NFL had agreed with the NFLPA on a COVID plan that reduced the salary cap this season in an effort to offset losses from the 2020 season. Attendance was either low or non-existent in 2020 as we all know. In addition, many players opted out of the season altogether.

Now, there is big money heading towards NFL teams next season and savvy teams could use that knowledge to get extensions done this year with guaranteed money pushed into the 2022 cap.

Will the Dolphins spend against next year’s cap? Maybe but it would rather surprising if they did so. The fact that more money will be available will allow Chris Grier and Brian Flores to hit free agency a little harder.

The jump is the largest year-to-year increase since the cap was instituted. With new television deals in the works as well, the NFL will see another jump in 2023 as the two sides agreed to a three-year increase.