The Miami Dolphins haven’t lost in OT in a very long time

Helmets belonging to the Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Helmets belonging to the Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins played one overtime game in 2019, that game was the last OT game for the Dolphins and they won but it’s been a while since they lost.

Against the Cincinnati Bengals in 2019, the Dolphins won by three points in a 38-35 game. In 2018, the Dolphins played the Chicago Bears and that game went an extra quarter with Miami winning 31-28. But when was the last time that they lost?

For that, we have to go all the way back to 2012. Yes, almost 10 years have passed since the Dolphins lost an overtime game.

Miami has had its share of overtime games since then. In 2016 they played two OT games with wins against the Browns and the Bills. In 2013, they beat the Bengals.

In 2012, the Miami Dolphins played the Jets in week three and lost 20-23 at home. The following week, Miami would travel to Arizona and would lose to the Cardinals in overtime 21-24.

Since 2012, the Dolphins are 5-2 with both losses coming in 2012. It is a pretty interesting statistic, to say the least. The Dolphins last won a playoff game in overtime in 2000 when they beat the Indianapolis Colts. That game was also the last playoff game that Miami won. The following year they lost in the Wild Card round and have only been to the postseason twice since.

Miami’s last playoff loss in overtime came all the way back in 1982 when the Dolphins to the Chargers in one of the most electrifying games in NFL history. The game featured the “Hook and Lateral”.

Hopefully, the Dolphins won’t need an extra quarter of play in 2021 to finish off their opponents, and hopefully, they will get back into the postseason.

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