New Xavien Howard restructure eliminates problems in 2022 for Dolphins

Xavien Howard (25)Syndication Palm Beach Post
Xavien Howard (25)Syndication Palm Beach Post /

Now that Xavien Howard potentially can be the highest-paid player on the roster in 2021 we can enjoy the season that will unfold ahead of us and look forward to not doing this all over again next off-season.

Howard’s restructured agreement will cap him just over $16.2 million if he meets the incentives making him the highest-paid corner in the NFL and more than Byron Jones. But what happens when next year rolls around and Howard slides back into the 2nd spot? Is there language in the contract that bolsters incentives to keep him positioned to be number one?

Yes, the Miami Dolphins have made sure that they are not going to do this all over again when 2022 rolls around.

According to the contract information that has been released so far, Howard’s contract will be fully guaranteed for 2022 for injury as well as if he is on the roster day one of the league new year. He will also see just over $6 million guaranteed immediately for the 2022 season.

The Dolphins also have apparently told him that after this season based on his play and health, they will return to the table to discuss a completely new contract sometime after the season in March or late February. This is according to a report by Ian Rapoport.

Howard doesn’t have to bank on himself in 2021 and the Dolphins are telling him they are willing to go to the table with him if his level of play continues to be at a Pro Bowl-caliber level. With the incentives this year and the guaranteed portions of his contract next year, as well as a potential for a new deal altogether next off-season, the Dolphins and Howard should not have this issue next year at all.