Rookie tight end Hunter Long carted off the training camp field

Hunter Long. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Hunter Long. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins may have their first big injury of training camp as it is being reported that rookie TE Hunter Long has been carted off the field.

Long has had a relatively quiet camp so far but that isn’t surprising given the fact he plays one of the hardest positions to learn at the NFL level. Now, it may be a bit longer before he takes the field.

Several fans in attendance have Tweeted that Long was taken off the field in a cart and have used references like “he looked dejected” and “it appears to be his leg or knee”.

The Dolphins are still practicing so any news about his situation won’t come until later in the day or tomorrow but given the fact that a cart was involved isn’t exactly good news.

The Dolphins drafted Long in round three of last April’s draft. Many fans and media were surprised by the decision to go with a position that wasn’t necessarily a need. With the possibility of Long being out for an extended period of time, who might benefit from the roster spot?

Miami will likely carry four tight ends and that means that those four will likely be Durham Smythe, Adam Shaheen, Cethan Carter, and Mike Gesicki. Shaheen and Smythe are believed to be the two most likely competing for that fourth spot if the Dolphins go that direction.

While it may seem a little ominous given how he was taken off the field, it could simply be a sprain or an MCL strain if it is in fact his knee. We can’t be sure until the team speaks with the media or releases an update.