What will the strengths be for the Miami Dolphins?

Trying to forecast what will be happening with the Miami Dolphins has become more of a task, and that is a good thing. This group of Brian Flores and Chris Grier has everyone guessing, as they both continue to think outside of the box.

There are trends most of the league follows at times. It is hard to pin down if the Miami Dolphins will follow suit, like with the addition of tight end Hunter Long. Is the idea to use more two TE sets? We will be finding out soon enough. The offensive line permitting.

After I mostly bombed out, trying to call the draft, I became apprehensive revising, calling the team’s strengths for the upcoming season. Although I nailed it calling turnovers for last seasons defense. (they had the most in the league)

Defense- This team might not have to lean on turnovers as much if the offense can score more, and work has been put into making that happen, with a deep, and a speedy bunch of receivers for Tua to work with.

Don’t get me wrong, Xavien Howard will still be taking it from them, but it might not be quite the extent it was last season.

This defense I can see getting at the quarterbacks more, just maybe not with the amount of sacks as would be expected. Stopping the run has been an long running problem, especially with quarterbacks. We will be finding out soon enough. The defensive line permitting.

Last season I had concerns for the safety position. Somethings have changed, the team building has subsided along with better reinforcements brought in. Trill Williams has showed something, along with Jevon Holland the second round pick. It would be nice to see them play some, as long if its not due to someones season ended injury.

Defensive Strength- quarterback pressure

Offense should be multiple and unpredictable, should the offensive line hold up, otherwise TE’s will be more regulated to help out blocking. These running backs are in almost the same situation as TE’s. While they may not get the adulation, they can perform. Malcolm Brown does give me some apprehension, as he was outplayed by the back on the practice squad.

If the line does its part, we might see more gadget plays for this bevy of speedster receivers. Heck, you may as well throw in some pre-motion and miss-direction plays. I have been raving for that last part a long time now. At the risk of falling for it once more. We just might see it this season.

Offensive Strength- Scoring more

Special Teams- It was field position last time, and this time I’m saying field goals. Coach Flores is going to have to turn over a new leaf and go for the three points more than he has to this point. The offense will be more potent and provide more opportunities to score on the leg of Jason Sanders. Going for it is what we have seen, but points on the scoreboard via FG is what’s shaping up.

Special Teams Strength- more field goals

Don’t worry about the ghost of Tony Sparano showing up, and fist-pumping with every field goal made. If scoring becomes reliant on FG’s, we will take losses from the better teams. This season should have a focus on scoring something like 30 points a game to ensure winning, even against the better teams.