Miami Dolphins should give Isaiah Wilson a second chance

The Miami Dolphins traded for 2020 first-round pick Isaiah Wilson this offseason.

It was a trade that I thought made a lot of sense for the Dolphins, and clearly, Miami agreed because they ended up making the deal to acquire him.

The Titans gave up on Wilson pretty quickly, but there were obvious reasons for this.

Wilson got in trouble with the police twice as a member of the Titans.

The first was when he received a trespassing warning at a party. The second was a DUI arrest where Wilson was seen doing donuts at an intersection and then crashed into a concrete wall.

Miami gave Tennessee a 2021 seventh-round pick in exchange for Wilson and a 2022 seventh-round pick.

Isaiah Wilson was cut pretty quickly in Miami.

Wilson’s time as a Dolphin was very short. Just a few days after trading for him, the Dolphins waived him. Cameron Wolfe of ESPN reported that “Wilson was hours late for his physical and team onboarding process, skipped multiple optional workouts that he agreed to attend on Thursday and Friday and declined support service help that he was offered, all in his first official week with the team, sources said.”

That seemed to be the end of Wilson’s NFL career, with him being on two teams and only playing four snaps.

However, Joel Erickson of the Indianapolis Star reported that the Indianapolis Colts had Wilson in for a workout on Friday, September 24, 2021. The Colts did not sign Wilson, but it was interesting to see him getting a workout.

Then on Saturday night, Wilson posted on Instagram:

Mental health is not a joke and should always be taken seriously. Obviously, Wilson was not in a good place mentally, and the Dolphins tried to help him, but Wilson refused. Wilson asked for a second chance in his Instagram post, and I believe the Dolphins should give him that second chance for a couple of reasons.

For starters, everyone deserves a second chance. No one reading this has made it through their life without making a mistake. And yes, Wilson made a lot of mistakes, and ones that someone in his position should never make, but it is what it is.

Miami will need to make sure Wilson’s post is sincere, and he has actually turned his life around. They should bring him in for a workout, make sure he is still in shape, and see where his head is at. Miami should do their own investigation as well, just to make sure Wilson has stayed out of trouble and is serious about the second chance he is asking for.

If everything checks out, the biggest reason Miami should give him a second chance is that he can help this football team. Many fans forget Miami traded for him with the hopes he would be their starter at right tackle. Jesse Davis was never supposed to be the guy; it was Wilson who they coveted at the position.

Wilson wouldn’t be the starting right tackle right away, but this kid is talented. Miami added Greg Little as well this season, so why not take another chance on Wilson? If he works out, like I said the first time, it could be franchise-altering to get a starting tackle that cheap and easy.

It was never a question of talent with Wilson; he just was his own biggest enemy. Wilson said he is “back and better than ever,” so the Miami Dolphins would be wise to give him a second chance if he actually is.