Miami Dolphins Brissett won’t stop trade for Deshaun Watson talk

Deshaun Watson Mandatory Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports
Deshaun Watson Mandatory Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports /

Deshaun Watson remains one of the most controversial names associated with the Miami Dolphins but don’t think Jacoby Brissett will stop the chatter.

Today, Jacoby Brissett will get his 2nd consecutive start and we can pretty much say that he started the 2nd game against the Bills given the early injury to Tua Tagovailoa. Last week in Las Vegas, Brissett showed why he is a capable backup quarterback but despite his claims to the contrary, Brissett is not a starting quarterback. Nothing personal.

Brissett led the Dolphins back against the Raiders and after he settled down he showed why he could come off the bench but if anyone thinks that a good game and a victory by Brissett today will stem the Deshaun Watson trade talk, they would be wrong.

Brissett is erratic. He is inconsistent and his throws are not entirely accurate either. He is a veteran and his teammates respect him but he isn’t leading this Dolphins team to a Super Bowl even with a top defense, which the Dolphins do not currently have.

The trade talk surrounding Watson has been heating up but we are no closer to believing those rumors to be true or accurate. Members of the mainstream media believe they know what is going on, what talks are taking place, but in reality, they probably don’t.

Forget about the legal issues, this is a huge trade if it ever happens. With the NFL trade deadline less than a month away, all this talk is going to get a lot worse regardless of whether Brissett takes the field and throws 6 touchdown passes in the next three games.

The Watson trade talk is going to die down. Eventually. Once he is finally traded, no matter to whom. Once the trade deadline passes, Watson’s trade speculation will fade away until after the season when it will ramp up all over again.