How close are the Miami Dolphins to trading for Deshaun Watson?

Roger Goodell . (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Roger Goodell . (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins and Deshaun Watson have been linked together for months now. With the trade deadline approaching on Nov. 2 how close is the Watson trade from being done?

In speaking with Alex Donno of 5 Reasons Sports Network, who has a source with connections to Nick Caserio, Texans GM, Donno mentions that the offer proposed to the Texans was three first-round picks, one second-round pick, and two third-round picks.

It seems the Texans are finally willing to deal Deshaun Watson but are hoping another bidder will join to raise the asking price.

The loud and terrible elephant in the room is the availability of Watson, as he currently has nearly two dozen sexual assault cases pending. Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL has not taken any action against Watson.

Houston has decided as an organization to not play Watson, this could be to maintain his value as a player since technically he is not suspended from play at the moment. Many Dolphins fans have spoken out if their team do decide to trade for Watson, some going as far as saying they will boycott the team.

Mike Florio, of NBC Sports, reported on Aug. 31 that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross “really wants Deshaun Watson.” If you were watching the broadcast in the Miami vs. Indianapolis game you saw Ross was hosting Goodell.

With these two things in mind, it is likely the conversation at least came up about Watson. Before the Dolphins make any final decisions it’s prudent they do their due diligence. Of course, this has not been confirmed but with Miami having one of the worse offenses in the league changes need to be made.

Donno mentioned on his YouTube livestream “Donno Daily” on Monday that “the ball is on Houston’s court.” Nothing is definitive right now but all signs point towards this trade happening, regardless if fans are on board with the Dolphins having an accused sexual predator on the team.