Miami Dolphins: Igbinoghene inactive again and it is a big mistake

Noah Igbinoghene ( Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Noah Igbinoghene ( Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

Brian Flores is showing that he may just not have a good grasp of what he is doing as a Miami Dolphins head coach and his inactive list shows it.

Facing a tough Tampa Bay team with an offense that has a depleted wide receiver unit, Flores appears to be moving forward with Jaylen Waddle as a return man and leaving Noah Igbinoghene on the inactive list. The Dolphins should just get rid of him now if they are not going to get him experience.

So far this year, Igbinoghene has been active for one game and he didn’t see much playing time. With Jakeem Grant traded, Will Fuller on IR, and DeVante Parker out, Waddle is the guy who will take the return reps but why expose him to that kind of potential injury? Brian Flores should be asked about this after the game, or before it, or during it. If Waddle gets hurt, Flores will have to answer to that as well.

Frankly, there is no reason why Igbinoghene can’t be on the roster returning kicks and punts. We knew that Parker was going to be inactive but this is borderline insanity.

Greg Little, a player Miami traded for is again on the inactive list as is third round pick Hunter Long. Long has a lot of potential but it is crazy that the Dolphins investment in a 3rd round pick has resulted in that player sitting on the bench inactive week to week.

John Jenkins and Trill Williams round out the Dolphins inactives for Sunday but the decision to keep Igbinoghene on the sideline in street clothes is baffling.