Miami Dolphins trail six quarterbacks in total yards and it’s disgusting

The Miami Dolphins haven’t been good this year, we know that but it is embarrassing to be so bad that a quarterback alone has more total yards than we do.

Lamar Jackson had a rather mundane first half on Monday Night Football but his second half was unreal. To date, through five games, Jackson has a total of 1,860 yards from scrimmage. That is better than the Miami Dolphins and their paltry 1,309 yards.

To be at least a little fair, Jackson’s numbers are better than 17 other teams as well.

To be even a little more fair, and transparent, this really isn’t just a Lamar Jackson comparison. Tom Brady has 1,767 yards just through the air alone. Derek Carr, Matt Stafford, Patrick Mahomes, Kyler Murray, and yes even Justin Herbert, all have more passing yards than the Dolphins have combined rushing and passing yards.

The Dolphins haven’t passed for 1,000 yards left which is even more embarrassing when you consider the fact they have been blown out in almost every game, meaning they are playing from behind and thus, need to pass.

On the ground, Miami’s thin 352 yards, combined by all runners, would be good enough to rank 7th in the league behind single running backs who have more yards. Consider that Derrick Henry has 7 touchdowns on the ground this year. Miami has eight as a team, combined rushing and receiving.

This is just another one of those statistical marvels that make you shake your head and wonder what is going on with Miami’s offense specifically. They can’t move the ball and the play calling is far more concerning than players not executing the game plan. There is something systemically flawed and Brian Flores needs to figure that out.

Hopefully, a returning Tua Tagovailoa will help fix this problem. He should be available to play in London on Sunday.