Miami Dolphins fans should know what Deshaun Watson can’t do

For months, there has been nothing but speculative rumors about the Miami Dolphins trading for Deshaun Watson, and the first thing that comes to mind is why? Don’t get me wrong, Deshaun is better than Tua at this stage, but can he really fix this team, the answer is no.

Deshaun can’t control his own destiny.  To be honest, his fate will be sealed by the courts.  No one actually knows what happened, but when you have 22 witnesses and 10 criminal charges laid against you, it doesn’t seem like Deshaun is going to be able to walk away without a suspension, or even worse a criminal sentence.

Deshaun can’t fix the offensive line.  Deshaun is not going to be able to go into the huddle and tell Austin Jackson or Jesse Davis this is how you block someone so that they don’t hit me.  Austin and Jesse Davis are the worst two starting offensive linemen the Miami Dolphins have and the sad truth is that there are no better options behind them.

Deshaun can’t get the defense off the field.  The Miami Dolphins led the league in 3rd down efficiency last year. With Josh Boyer they implemented the zero heavy package where you can disguise every player at the line of scrimmage to set the illusion that a blitz was coming from anywhere.  He’s not going to be lining up a safety or linebacker and teach the existing players how to tackle or read your assignments or better yet keep up with a running back on passing play.

Deshaun is not going to fix your locker room.  For some reason Coach Flores and Chris Grier thought it would be best to exile the veteran players they brought in last year.  Those veteran players created the locker room tempo and atmosphere, that is all gone.  From Kyle Van Noy to Eric Flowers to Shaq Lawson, although their production on the field might not have been equivalent to their salary hit, what you can’t put a price on is their leadership on field and in the locker room when you are down or trailing in the fourth quarter.  These young players need someone to lead them and right now, they don’t have that.  It will take time, effort and respect from the players for Deshaun to get to this level and to be honest it won’t happen when a season is in flight.

Deshaun can’t fix your past draft mistakes.  Deshaun is going to cost you draft capital, and if Chris Grier and Coach Flores are on the hot spot, do you honestly think that a new General Manager will want to come and work for the Dolphins if their fridge is empty?  Trading for Deshaun will cost around three first rounders and extra draft picks.  If Grier and Coach Flores are let go after this season, a new GM will have nothing to work with and the Dolphins will be forced to look at free agency to build their team – which is a flaw that all Dolphin fans have seen before with negative results.

Look, trading for Deshaun might work out, but you don’t trade for him until his legal issues are sorted out, otherwise you don’t know if he will play for 1 game or be banned for 1 year.   If Deshaun gets sentenced, there is a high likelihood that the Texans will release him, thereby allowing any team to sign him – so stop wasting your draft picks on a player you could potentially have for free!

The Miami Dolphins are struggling.  Everyone can see that, but making a drastic move such as this, won’t fix the season let alone the main issue with this team.  Deshaun Watson isn’t the solution, he would just add to the problem list that the Dolphins need to get out of.