Miami Dolphins: 3 reasons to be optimistic about the future

Mike GesickiHouston Texans V Miami Dolphins 14 - Palm Beach Post
Mike GesickiHouston Texans V Miami Dolphins 14 - Palm Beach Post /
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Amidst one of the most underwhelming Miami Dolphins seasons in recent memory, we take a look at 3 reasons for optimism going forward.

Optimism is a hard feeling to come by lately for the Miami Dolphins and their fans. What was supposed to be a breakout 2021 season laden with expectations was essentially over before it ever really got started. After pulling out a close victory in Week 1, the team spiraled to seven straight losses.

The wheels fell off completely, and a team that seemed to have one of the brightest futures of anyone in the league is now looking more like a train wreck than anything else. Fans who have been supporting the team for the better part of the last three decades have claimed that this is the most difficult year that they’ve ever endured, mostly due to the lofty expectations that the Dolphins fell so far short of. For every answer that we thought we were going to get this season, we got three more questions.

It may seem like the sky is falling in Miami. We have been through tough years before, including a 1-15 year and just two winning seasons between 2006 and 2019, but this one feels even more disappointing. It appeared like we finally had things figured out, but in truth, we are just as far away as we have ever been.

Alas, optimism is not something that many Dolphins fans may be feeling this year. In fact, apathy may an even more prevalent feeling as of recent. But if you look really closely, like if you squint, there are reasons to feel promise for the future of the team. Some of the reasons that we felt good about the 2021 season may carry over in to 2022, and there will be some new things to be excited about as well.

Here are three things that we can feel optimistic about as the Miami Dolphins move forward: