Miami Dolphins defense is reverting back to last years form

Jevon Holland Miami Dolphins (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
Jevon Holland Miami Dolphins (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images) /

This is taking place at a slower rate than we Miami Dolphins fans would all like, but there are signs of every game that the defense is getting better.

Going back to the last game Tua Tagovailoa played in prior to Thursday night, he left the game with a lead, and it was up to the defense to lock things down. Well the defense didn’t hold down the fort unfortunately, but did show some small signs during that game we haven’t seen up to that point in the season.

The way the offense has played lately, last years defensive type of play can’t get here soon enough. Because this years offense, especially without Tua can use all the help it can get. In fact, it probably needs to be carried to the finish line.

There were games last season when the defense played so well, they took over some games. Even though coach Brian Flores had stated that his offense never plays down, they did ride the defense to some wins.

I wanted to write about it right after that last game Tua played, to share this discovery, like it was spotting landfall, after being stranded at sea for so long. It’s just too bad that it couldn’t all come back at once, like turning on a light switch.

If ever there was a good time for it to comeback in that fashion, it would be right before playing a good team that has been a thorn in its side like the Baltimore Ravens.

Getting back to the Miami Dolphins defense, there is this pesky caveat, when it comes time to evaluate them. Here comes that moral victory stuff, after holding it close this game before last Playing the Buffalo Bills. The Bills then turned around the very next game and lost a low scoring game to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

During the last game, a win over the Houston Texans,  Jerome Baker started to play out of his mind, even Justin Coleman got his first interception. It just shows when the whole unit plays well good things can happen, and almost any player can come up with the big play, when enough pressure is placed on the quarterback.

The turnovers came in bunches this game, and yes it was to a lowly team, but this league can be fickle like that. Teams play up or down to their opponents at times along with some parity. Just look what happened to the Bills.

With the Miami Dolphins getting this win on Thursday, it could be the showcase win of the season, given these two teams past records playing each other. It could be a springboard win, and the start of many more to come. If the defense played very good against the Texans, it was insanely good against the Ravens.

Last years defense might be showing up soon, and it did on Thursday, but it needs to be as whole to the original as possible if there are any good chances to beat the better teams that are sprinkled into the rest of the games left to play on the season. Miami proved they can play at that level against the Ravens but now they have to maintain it.

I’m not saying it will happen, but it could happen.