Miami Dolphins Robert Hunt trending for all the right reasons

Robert Hunt Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Robert Hunt Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

The Miami Dolphins have a cultural icon, a bonafide franchise treasure in Robert Hunt and his social media trending status is simply, perfect!

On Thursday night, the Miami Dolphins offensive guard took an unexpected leap into the national spotlight when he caught a Tua Tagovailoa screen pass and raced to the end zone where he tried to jump over two defenders and hold the ball over the end line for a touchdown.

Of course, the entire play was illegal which in and of itself makes the entire situation even better. The fact that there was no touchdown and Miami was penalized for illegal touching, makes the story more entertaining.

Hunt said after the game he expects to get in trouble when the team meets to go over the game film. He said he saw the ball and just reacted. So has the internet. Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes had something to say as did former Miami Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry.

On Twitter, it was asked what the best catch of the week will be and Rich Eisen chimed in immediately that it was Robert Hunt’s. The memes and the images, the comments, and the accolades from around the NFL continue to pour into the mainstream media.

Hunt is part of the Pop Culture phenomenon right now and his teammates are having a lot of fun with it. In a season that has been mostly bad, Hunt has given Dolphins fans something to cheer about, laugh about, and just feel good about. The fact it came in a big win over a tough opponent in prime time makes this all the better.

The NFL is typically an all business attitude but no one is letting this one go. Mainstream media heads are talking about Hunt. Local beat writers are calling for him to play fullback for one play to get his touchdown. Hunt had to go to the podium for a post game interview and all he did was answer questions about his catch and run. Some are calling his illegal touchdown the best non-touchdown, touchdown, in NFL history and frankly, we might agree.

The big man took the pass, made a move, got some blocks and went over the top of two defenders. He has been dubbed, Derrick Hungry.

The game was still be talked about, the lights were still on in the stadium, and players were still cleaning up to head home but the Dolphins already knew what they had to do. The play of the game? Maybe the play of the year? The first time ever that a non-play was given such attention by the organization? Judge for yourself below, it was in place before all that above was completed.

And now, the man is a Miami Dolphins legend!