Gutter takes: It’s time for the Miami Dolphins to bring back Chad Henne


After this season, the Miami Dolphins will be looking to add more players to the roster and Chad Henne should be brought home.

In today’s “Gutter takes” we explore a comment that surfaced on a social media outlet this week in a conversation about Miami’s future backup QB, Chad Henne, the former 2nd round draft pick of Bill Parcells while with the Miami Dolphins, is going to be a free agent after the season. Believe it or not, he is still in the NFL and one person, and probably only one person, thinks he should be brought back to Miami.

Henne plays for the Chiefs but in reality, he is the back up to Patrick Mahomes.

The Dolphins will have an interesting off season when 2021 ends. There will be the inevitable speculation and rumor surrounding Deshaun Watson and the future of Tua Tagovailoa, but if there is one thing that Miami absolutely needs regardless of whether Watson or Tua is the QB, is a backup quarterback.

The Dolphins have played the game of scraping the QB gum off the free agent market for far too long. Reid Sinnett may have made a good future back up but Miami released him and the Eagles poached him.

There will be plenty of QBs available in free agency next year and the Dolphins would be absolutely foolish to re-sign Jacoby “I’m not really a starter” Brissett.

While the commenter will remain unnamed there are plenty of other options on the impending market. Many will re-sign with their teams but early names to keep a look out for would be Mitch Trubisky, Marcus Mariota, and Taysom Hill. These may not be “stellar” names but they are backups who would have experience and are still young.

Other names could include Cooper Rush, Kyle Allen, or current Jets starter Mike White. Regardless, the Dolphins will need to add someone and that player should not be Chad Henne.