Mike Gesicki still waits for Dolphins while Eagles lock down Goedert

Mike Gesicki Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Mike Gesicki Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /

The Miami Dolphins don’t seem to be in a hurry to re-sign Mike Gesicki which could become a problem once the off-season begins. Meanwhile Gesicki is waiting for the call.

Earlier this year, Gesicki said he loves playing Tua Tagovailoa, loves playing for the Dolphins, wants to continue his career with the Dolphins, and, sadly, has not heard from the team on a new deal. Today, the Eagles announced that they have extended tight end Dallas Goedert through the 2025 season.

Both Gesicki and Goedert came into the league at the same time. Both were drafted in the 2nd round of the 2018 NFL Draft and while some fans wanted Goedert, few were really disappointed in Gesicki. Seven draft picks separated the two but now, Goedert has taken the big step by signing a much better extension and his rookie contract. Now, Gesicki will continue to wait.

Comparing the two is pretty easy. Both players have led similar careers although Goedert has a post-season appearance and Gesicki does not.

Since 2018, Gesicki has played in six more games (57) than Goedert (51). Gesicki’s 170 receptions leads Goedert’s 166. Gesicki has 2004 yards to Goedert’s 1894. Goedert has one more TD than Gesicki and they are almost identical (11.8 to 11.4) in yards per reception.

Goedert overall is slightly better than Gesicki only when you factor in the fact that Gesicki’s numbers include six more games but in reality, they are pretty much even players across the board.

The numbers for Goedert haven’t been released yet but we will get an idea on what Gesicki will ask for or wants from the team and Chris Grier will get a good idea what the market for Gesicki is going to look like in terms of salary.

Gesicki will likely get slightly more than Goedert unless Grier can convince him that a lesser deal will be offset but the states lack of income tax. The ball is clearly in Miami’s court and they would be smart to get a deal done now rather than wait for the end of the season.

If there is one thing we all see it is that Gesicki is by far the most reliable and consistent offensive player on the team.