Brian Flores pays tribute to New York fire fighters after Sunday’s game

The Miami Dolphins beat the New York Jets on Sunday and after the game, Brian Flores appeared at his presser wearing a NYFD t-shirt. There was a reason.

As fans we can be critical of our coaches and we can even call for their jobs when things don’t go the way we expected them to. It’s called passion. When a coach takes a job at the head of the team table, he puts himself in a position to be criticized.

On Sunday, Brian Flores appeared in front of the press honoring the New York firefighters and the reason is incredible. Tim Reynolds posted this on Twitter.

This uncle is the same that Flores said introduced him to the game of football. An introduction that would change his life.

Six members of the Ladder 118 team were lost alongside so many other firefighters on that day. It is not surprising that Flores, a man who grew up in Brooklyn would honor those who charged forward without thought of their own sacrifices.

While we can debate whether or not Flores will be the coach of the longterm future or eventually just another name in the Dolphins history logs we can’t debate that the man has class and determination.

Showing respect to not only a department but a city, especially one that is considered the rival city to Miami, is perfect. As a former firefighter myself I can appreciate the message that Flores was sending and the props he was giving to his uncle, the men and women of the NYFD and everyone else that was involved in and after 9-11.