3 things learned from the Miami Dolphins victory over the Jets

Myles Gaskin Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports
Myles Gaskin Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Miami Dolphins are on a three game winning streak and after Sunday’s victory against the Jets, we can look back at what we learned from the latest win.

I wanted to let this latest victory breathe a day before I started writing this. Not that I’m against writing anything overly emotional immediately following a game but for this one, I wanted to write not wearing aqua tinted glasses. Because of this executive decision, I feel that I have boiled down the three most important things we learned from the Dolphin’s victory over the Jets.

Now I know that there are many other things we learned from the game. That’s why the title is three most important things. Hopefully, that will deter folks from messaging me and saying “only three?”

Ultimately, the Miami Dolphins handled their business as they should have. They beat an inferior team and that’s saying something due to the Dolphins record of 3-7 heading into last Sunday. But, even the most cynical Miami fan, and man alive I’d like to meet that person, knew there was no reason that the Dolphins, by how they have been playing lately, should lose to this Jets team. Didn’t matter who the quarterback was for New York, we all felt a win was the only it should go. That’s not saying that the Dolphins weren’t capable of losing that game. They were. There’s certainly a world where they give it away in true Miami Dolphin fashion. But they didn’t, and the team sits at 4-7 and is starting to gain a bit of momentum heading into next Sunday which raises the question are the 2021 Miami Dolphins the greatest 4-7 team of all time?