The Miami Dolphins 5 biggest turkeys of the 2021 season

We can applaud when things go well and we can complain and point fingers when things don’t go well for the Miami Dolphins. It’s called being a fan. That being said, it’s hard to give applause to everything and sometimes you spend more time confused about certain players.

This year, the Miami Dolphins are not short on their own turkeys. Whether they are coaches or players, some simply don’t measure up. While turkey on Thanksgiving is typically a joy, these turkeys are anything but.

Noah Igbinoghene

I want so badly to like this kid. I liked what he could have been coming out of college. I also would have rather seen the Dolphins draft a different position but I was on board when his name was called. He did after all, have potential.

Well that potential is likely to remain unrealized. Igbinoghene has spent all but three games inactive and has contributed six total tackles this year. In both his seasons he has 19 combined tackles, yeah, that’s a big turkey.

Will Fuller

If Noah Igbinoghene is a big turkey then Will Fuller has to be the all those bagged up internal organs that are shoved into the carcass and mostly discarded. Fuller has been and remains a monumental free agent bust and making it worse is the fact that he has shown little desire to get back on the field. Rumors and speculation has been all over the internet and media waves and have questioned his desire to play a single down for the Dolphins.

Fans believe that he should just be released now but to be honest, I would make him work for that guaranteed $10 million he is earning doing nothing. Maybe have serve lunch to the other players on the team. Miami could use his speed to get water on and off the field to the players as well. Turkey? Yeah.

Jesse Davis

Jesse Davis is a turkey this year and there is no way around it. Sorry man. But unlike Igbinoghene and Fuller, Davis is more or less that turkey that you took out of the oven too soon, tried to put it back into the oven and then overcooked it. Now it’s dry.

Davis is a great player to have on the roster. He has veteran experience and can play multiple positions but he isn’t a starting tackle and he should be coming into games because of an injury, not starting, not anymore.

Chris Grier

I wasn’t sure if I was going to add Grier to this list or not. When you look at Jevon Holland, Jaylen Waddle, Jaelan Phillips, and some of the others that he has drafted you start thinking this guy is gravy but then you see Austin Jackson, Noah Igbinoghene, and that Will Fuller contract and you start to realize that gravy may just be canned.

Then I realized that the Deshaun Watson stuff is a direct result of Grier doing “his job” but at the same time doing so in an incredibly unprofessional manner. Brian Flores was stuck at a podium practice to practice trying to deflect Watson talk, keep his current QB happy, all the while Grier is working behind the scenes to facilitate a blockbuster trade for a guy currently being investigated.

There is no way that Flores didn’t know about this and his communications with Tua may have been all good and well intended but the fact of the matter is, Grier made the situation worse and his presser following the trade deadline did nothing to eliminate any of the distractions.

The Turdunkin

It’s a turkey, a duck, and a chicken, the John Madden named Turdunkin and in Miami we have our own version of that consisting of George Godsey, Eric Studesville, and Charlier Frye. Whose calling the plays? Whose setting the game plan? What involvement does Frye have and why does he have any at all?

The reality is that the Dolphins offense has been anemic and uninspiring all season long. Vanilla play calling, horribly designed routes, and just plain being stubborn for not moving the offensive line around to find better options. No matter how you look at this offense, these three are chicken, duck, and turkey so far this year.