Time to close the book on the Will Fuller experiment

Will Fuller Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Will Fuller Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

I’m far from an expert but if you ask me, the Will Fuller experiment in Miami is over and I’m ok with that.

Will Fuller, formerly of the Houston Texans signed with the Miami Dolphins back in March of 2021. Shortly thereafter the Dolphins drafted Jaylen Waddle at number 6 in April’s draft. Just like it was Christmas eve, Dolphins fans dreamed of what the season would hold having two receivers with the speed of Fuller and Waddle.

Waddle has lived up to his billing. Maybe not in the explosive play category but Waddle currently leads all rookie receivers with 68 receptions (5th overall among all receivers) and third among his peers with 622 yds (24th overall).

Will Fuller on the other hand has been the epitome of coal in the stocking. Fuller has exactly four catches on the season while playing what adds up to just over a full game. Fuller will spend his eighth week on IR this week for his latest injury, a broken finger. Far be it for me to criticize someone for being hurt. I’m not them, I don’t know the extent of the injury. But for context, Tua Tagovailoa broke a finger in the middle of a game, and finished the game. He missed the following game and a half and has since played with the injury.

I have a theory and that theory is that Fuller is healthy enough to play but it’s the Dolphins that are keeping him on IR. I may be wrong but that’s what it smells like to me and I’m ok with that. It’s obvious to everyone that Fuller is not going to re-sign with Miami after this year’s one year $10 million prove it deal. Some of the beat writers have commented that Fuller hasn’t even been around the team over the past several weeks, not being seen at practice or around the facility.

I’m all about playing other guys at this point. Mack Hollins deserves playing time and I for one don’t want to see Will Fuller take time away from him. I’m not saying Hollins is a better receiver than Fuller but I am saying that Hollins is a better football player.

My one caveat though is should the Dolphins win the next three games and even their record to 7 and 7 with playoff aspirations, then you could see Fuller start to be mixed back into the receiver rotation. Until then, give me more Mack Hollins!