The 5 Miami Dolphins jerseys to buy this holiday season

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Buying a sports jersey is never a smart idea and when it comes to the Miami Dolphins, it can often be a waste of money, this year, there are jerseys that could be safe bets for the holidays.

Normally, I would suggest not buying a current players jersey. The player turnover has been so great the last ten years that a high-priced investment typically isn’t smart and you are left with patching a nameplate a year later.

We have seen this often with players like Ryan Tannehill or Minkah Fitzpatrick. Fans ran out and bought Ryan Fitzpatrick jerseys and he was gone two seasons later. It is not an uncommon practice in many professional sports.

So why now? The Dolphins are a 5 win football team and could dismantle their roster after the season. Well, I’m not going to suggest you buy a Myles Gaskin or a Liam Eichenberg jersey and I will always suggest that you spend your money on the Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, Dan Marino, or 72 Undefeated jerseys instead. Yet if you are one of those hankering for a new jersey before the 2022 season, these players may just get you a good return on your investment.

Here are five players that you can feel pretty safe about purchasing, and two you might want to wait on.

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