3 things the Miami Dolphins need to do to defeat the Giants

Miami Dolphins Mike Gesicki (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Miami Dolphins Mike Gesicki (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Miami Dolphins Emmanuel Ogbah (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)
Miami Dolphins Emmanuel Ogbah (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images) /

I already shared with you the stats of how the defense is performing from a numbers standpoint earlier in the article. The Dolphin’s defense has been stellar every which way and has moved into must-watch territory. They’re must-watch because of the aggressiveness and ferocity that they bring when they crowd the line.

When it’s 1st or 2nd down but especially 3rd down and you see eight dudes all up at the line of scrimmage, you know something, potentially awesome for the Dolphins, is happening. You’re not exactly sure where the blitzing player will be coming from. Maybe it’s going to Holland or Jones off the edge or perhaps it will be AVG, Ogbah, or Phillips from the c-gap or maybe just maybe it will be one of those guys along with Wilkins twisting from the outside to the inner gaps and lighting up the quarterback.

All that wildness upfront is leading to arrant, frantic passes that are now falling into the hands of our secondary. Miami is back to forcing turnovers again and naturally, that is helping the offense.

Sure, the defense gets burned from time to time. We saw Elijah Moore two weeks ago get by for a huge play and we saw DJ Moore run past Howard and Jones on what had to be a miscommunication of some kind last week. Two things about this; obviously, the Dolphins have a problem with receivers named Moore and when you play this kind of in your face, all or nothing style of defense some plays are going to get away from you. What I like is that when these big plays happen against the Dolphins that they aren’t shying away from sticking to the plan. Odds are, those big plays won’t happen many more times after the initial one.

Another aspect from the defense that I notices last week was that on 3rd and 10+, the defense actually dropped back into coverage, but the front four still got to Newton and Walker. That’s an incredible sign of improvement and speaks to the overall swag that they are playing with. That wasn’t happening at all in the first two months of the season and now it is and I think just the blood in the water mentality that the entire defense is feasting on is the chief reason why. That and Jaelan Phillips, Emmanuel Ogbah, and AVG turning up their games.

Mike Glennon is who Miami faces. He honestly is no slouch. He can throw the ball but I don’t think he can do it when he’s under duress. That’s why the Dolphins need to keep their foot on the gas and keep playing with the same mentality. Tweak things for Glennon as you will but keep the overall ideology of bringing the house. Good things will happen.