3 things we learned about the Miami Dolphins on Sunday

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I gotta say, I really love victory Monday. It’s the tops. You head into work, maybe you wear something indicating your Miami Dolphins fealty, and your day is already off to a solid start. Now, this doesn’t make you fully immune from your boss getting all over you for something you did or didn’t do, but it will soften the sting of that reprimanding a bit more.

I work from home so my co-workers, my dogs Bodhi and Utah, have already heard me rant glowingly about how yesterday went. Hopefully, they don’t report me to HR.

But the Dolphins have given me and everyone else a reason to speak well of them. Who would have thought that after the 1-7 start, or the dark times as I like to call that point in time, that we would be knocking on the door of the wild card spots.

Tack on another loss to the Broncos and the Dolphins are sitting in a decent spot as they enter their bye week. With the Dolphins remaining schedule against the Jets, Saints, Titans, and Patriots, you can see a path where the Dolphins don’t lose another game. Miami has beat up on mostly average at best quarterbacks. It’s one of the secret sauces of their winning streak. Their defense is a nightmare for average quarterbacks. Miami only has average at best quarterbacks left.

Also, all the teams in front of them are and will begin to eat each other giving some teams above Miami losses every week. If the Dolphins do their job and really by into the whole control your own destiny mantra, then the Dolphins will be in the playoffs. I’m not picking that to happen because I just can convince myself that the Dolphins are going to rattle off nine straight wins. It’s just a monumental task for this outfit. But, I’m all for it and I may or may not have looked at flights to Miami for January 9th.

Yesterday, the Dolphins had a grind on their hands against the hapless New York Giants. I know we all wanted this to be a game where the offense put up 40 points as a result of Tua throwing bombs left and right. That’s not what happened.

The defense, once again, did their part causing mayhem for Mike Glennon and Saquan Barkley. But the offense continued their highly efficient ways on the offense side of the ball. Tua had about 400 completions for 250 yards, something that apparently is infuriating for defenses especially Logan Ryan of the Giants. Apparently, even though he knows Tua isn’t going to throw the ball downfield, he and his teammates could do nothing about it. Not a ringing endorsement for him, his teammates, and his coaches if you ask me.

The Dolphin’s offensive approach is a death by 1,000 cuts approach that as a fan could be a bit dry, but I really don’t care. Take care of the ball, score some points and rely on the defense. That’s the nature of this team and I really don’t know if that’s going to change due to the offensive line being the statistical worst offensive line in the league. It is what it is.

The Dolphins TCB’d, that’s taking care of business if you were unaware, yesterday. There are still many areas to improve and they know that. Not sure if they’ll actually fix some of the issues. But I think we learned a few things yesterday’s Dolphin’s victory over the Giants.

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