Miami Dolphins: Six wins in a row is great but number 7 is more important

Helmets belonging to the Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Helmets belonging to the Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins are riding a six game winning streak but it is the 7th win in a row that matters the most right  now. Then, it will be the eighth.

If there is a game that the Dolphins could afford to lose, it would be against the Saints but let us be very clear here, Miami can’t afford to lose on Monday night. If the heavens above part and things in the universe align, Miami would be able to win their last three games.

Losing on Monday will not necessarily eliminate the Dolphins and because it is an out of conference game, it will not likely factor in to the tie breaking scenarios. That means if there is one to give back, this is the only one. The final two games are against AFC teams.

Again, I will reiterate to those in the back of the room, Miami really can’t afford to lose on Monday night.

The good news is that Miami will enter the game knowing exactly what has happened across the league by the time the game arrives, barring a COVID reschedule to Tuesday. They will know the outcomes of every other teams in the AFC and the Saints, who are trying to hold on to a playoff spot in the NFC will also know what helped them over the weekend.

While Miami sits in the 11th spot in the AFC, the Saints are in the 9th spot in the NFC with the Eagles slightly ahead of them. The Saints, Vikings, and Eagles all have 7 wins.

Monday night is going to be a very good barometer of where the Dolphins are at. It will be a loud, hostile environment on the road against another team looking to jump into the post season conversation. Miami has the team to win but they have to play very well and nearly flawless.