Miami Dolphins face very good Saints defense but they are beatable

Duke Johnson Miami Dolphins (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)
Duke Johnson Miami Dolphins (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins are facing a New Orleans Saints defense that has been playing very good football lately but they are beatable.

Many, if not most, in the national media have been talking about how great the Saints defense is after keeping the Tom Brady led Buccaneers scoreless a week ago. Despite the Saints only scoring 9 points, it didn’t matter. The defense crushed Brady’s offense.

A week prior to that, the Saints gave up 9 points to the Jets in a big route of New York. That isn’t saying too much considering the Jets offense. Yes, the last two weeks have been good for the Saints but it wasn’t that good before that.

The Saints gave up 27 to the Cowboys, 31 to the Bills, 40 to the Eagles, 23 to the Titans, and 27 to the Falcons. All of those games were Saints losses.

Miami will not not have an easy road trip but they can play their style of football and move the ball down the field with a more methodical and fast paced approach that keeps the defense constantly moving. Miami’s best shot might be running the no-huddle offense or a quick tempo game plan that doesn’t allow the Saints to change defensive personnel.

Miami has to keep the throttle moving and tire the defense out. With the players listed on COVID offensively, the defense may spend far more time on the field if the Dolphins can continue to push upfield.

Despite the last two weeks of play, the Saints are still statistically in the lower half of the league. Miami’s job is going to be finding and exploiting the weaker areas of that defense.