Time to throw out the Miami Dolphins offensive playbook

Brian Flores (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Brian Flores (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

To be honest, I’m over this gadget offense that the Miami Dolphins have been trying to run this year. It’s terrible. The play calling and mindsight is something that you think you would see in the CFL, College football or even high school.  Step one in my mind is to clean house on the offensive side of the ball.

Let me be clear, by cleaning house, the Miami Dolphins would be wise to part ways with all of their assistants and coaches that have anything to do with the offense.

  • George Godsey – gone
  • Eric Studesville – gone
  • Lemuel Jean-Peirre- gone
  • Charlie Frye – gone

It makes zero sense to keep them, as everyone on this list has failed. Rewarding them or giving them hope to prepare for another season of the same thing is ridiculous. Albert Einstein said it best, doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.  That is the best quote that sums up the Dolphins offense.

Want proof, the Miami Dolphins finally stretched the field against the Titans with a 40 yard strike from Tua to Waddle – what was their next play? Some sort of Wildcat reverse, QB flip back to Tua, who ends up fumbling the ball. Why present a gadget play against the NFL 7th ranked defense after you have seen runs up the middle and extended play working against them.

Proof point number 2 – Miami Dolphins against the New Orleans Saints, Tua once again delivers a strike to Mack Hollins for 40 yards, the next play a flea flicker that hit Waddle in stride.  This actually worked, but it proves to everyone  are 100% dependent on gadget plays that could potentially catch opposing players or teams off guard.

This type of philosophy does not strike fear into anyone, it actually makes you vanilla.  All these dry screens or shallow crosses or fake jet flies, reveal that you don’t trust the players on your team and you need an element of illusion for the opposing team to bite to make a first down.    I’m over it, it’s terrible game calling and it doesn’t work in the NFL.

Do you see the Packers taking Rodgers off the field?

Do you see the Bengals taking Burrow off the field?

Do you see the Chargers taking Herbert off the field?

The answer is no to all of the above, because their offensive coaches game plan to attack the opposing defense weakness, not trying to think of a gimmick or gadget that they can potentially roll the dice to see if someone bites.
Which leads to next steps, who can Coach Flores bring in to help create an offensive strategy that strikes fear into opposing teams, top of mind, here is who I think will be available:

  • Mike Munchak
    No official ties to Coach Flores, however Mike has over 20 years experience which is 25 more than any offensive coach on our current team.  Mike has also been a former head coach, which will help bring in experience to Coach Flores.  Mike is currently the offensive line coach for the Denver Broncos, who are currently the 5th best rushing team in the league.
  • Bill Callahan
    No official ties to Coach Flore, however Bill has over 45 years of coaching experience, which is 40 more years than any offensive coach on our team (notice a trend?).  Bill is currently the offensive line coach for the Cleveland Browns, who are currently the 6th best rushing team in the league.
  • Bill O’Brien
    Part of the Patriots family tree, as such there are ties to Coach Flores.  Bill was the head coach of the Houston Texans before getting fired, but one key thing is that he coached Deshaun Watson for 4 years. Additionally, he led the Tide as their offensive coordinator this past season.
  • Matt Nagy
    I highly doubt that Naggy would accept an offensive coordinator role, and could be in line to accept a head coaching position, however, if there is a chance he is available and this make sense, Naggy should be the top choice for Coach Flores.

One key thing that all these coaches have in common is that they know how to build an offensive line that works in this NFL.  The Miami Dolphins offensive line is terrible, which could be due to many factors, but one key objective is to strike out coaching for that reason.   Bringing in offensive minded coaches that have had success at the NFL level and have over 20 years of experience is what is missing from the Coach Flores staff.  Flores has built a playoff caliber defense, now he has to understand that these gadget plays do not make sense.  For the Dolphins and Coach Flores to take the next step, he has to clean house and step one is throwing out his offensive playbook.