No, the Dolphins should not try and land Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Kirk Cousins(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /

This is where we’re at. I swear to the universe or whatever God you kneel to that this is where we’re at. There is loose talk, obviously not from the Miami Dolphins team but from the Dolphin’s Twitter and other areas of the internet, that the Miami Dolphins might be in line to bring in Kirk Cousins just in case they don’t want to go with Tua Tagovailoa next year or if they don’t land one of the bigger fish that may be out there such as Deshuan Watson.

I don’t know where the idea of this potential move exactly originated from. I can tell you that I didn’t think of it first. I mean I thought it was possible a few years ago after Flores got hired and Tannehill was shown the door but I am not the originator of this current, particular craze to pontificate Cousins in a Dolphin’s uniform. Perhaps Omar Kelly is the one who started it. If he did I’m sure he had a good reason to do it. Who knows and who really cares.

It certainly seems that Omar is quasi implying that Kirk Cousins might be the Dolphins safety quarterback in case they don’t land one of the big-time quarterbacks. Sort of like a high school senior having Keystone College in their back pocket just in case they don’t get into Yale.

Even if the Dolphins have completely slammed the door on Tua starting next year and don’t get Watson, Russel Wilson, or Aaron Rodgers, Kirk Cousins should not be on the Dolphin’s radar to fill that void. As wild as it sounds, I would rather put resources into the offensive line, get a few more quality receivers and let Tua have his 3rd year.

I’m going to borrow some stats that fellow Phin Phanatics writer, Jeremy Klump, researched meaning I didn’t have to that paints a picture that Kirk Cousins is the better quarterback to have over Tua Tagovailoa. Let it be said, to write a classic persuading article that you need to show the other side’s case. That’s what I’m doing here. Credit to me for doing this.

It’s a pretty good case. My rebuttal is that bringing in Kirk Cousins doesn’t really change the Dolphin’s chances of improving.

Kirk Cousins is far from mobile and is the complete opposite of a Deshuan Watson in terms of escapability. I’m not breaking any ground with that. Where this matters is that Kirk Cousins has been sacked 6 more times than Tua this season while having a better pass-blocking offensive line. Kirk’s line isn’t crazy better, but I think we all can attest to, even the biggest Tua haters, that the Miami Dolphin’s 2021 offensive line is potentially the worst offensive line in the history of blocking and are run by the most incompetent offensive line coach that has ever held a whistle. A disgrace to the sled is an understatement for Lem Jeanpierre.

Kirk Cousins has also benefited from not just good receivers over the last four seasons but he had the pleasure of working with all-pro receivers. Stefon Diggs, Adam Thieland, and now Justin Jefferson are the stud he’s had to throw too. He also has been able to hand the ball off to Dalvin Cook for the last four seasons. So yeah, Kirk Cousins has had it pretty good in Minnesota in terms of having help.

All that help and he hasn’t won anything. The best he did was help the Vikings get to the NFC title game although he wasn’t the guy who defeated the Saints in the divisional round with that miracle to Diggs. That was Case Keenum. Oh, Kirk did win one playoff game for the Vikings back in 2020 against those Saints. His stat line in that game was 4/5 for 63 yards and a touchdown. It was like the Mac Jones game except for the part where there wasn’t rain that day due to the game being played in a dome.

The biggest reason the Dolphins shouldn’t pursue Kirk Cousins is because it’s Kirk Cousins. Kirk Cousins is the description that Stu from the Hangover gets described as by Stu’s fiance’s father in Hangover 2. He is the exact opposite of what a fan base that is desperately craving a winner wants to see under center or in the gun on opening day. Kirk Cousins being signed to be the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins would put everyone, not in a coma but more of a lifeless indifferent state of being. The indifference will be aimed at the season because we know there is no chance of winning anything with Kirk Cousins.

At least with Tua, if actual offensive linemen with an actual offensive line coach are brought in and another receiver to compliment Jaylen Waddle things are inked, which needs to happen regardless of who the QB is, you can talk yourself into that it’s his 3rd year. A 3rd year that is absolutely a make-or-break year but the type of rational you can convince yourself that there’s some slight hope. Kirk gives zero hope. Not only does Kirk not give you hope but you just know that he will cost a good amount of money because of the solid stats he has put up. I will contend that a lot of those stats are when the Vikings are way behind in the 4th quarter but they are solid-looking stats nonetheless.

What’s actually the worst part of all this is that the regular season isn’t even over with yet. The Dolphins play the Patriots on Sunday to end the season. This means that all the worthwhile speculation hasn’t even started yet. The Dolphins are not even in the off-season yet and were discussing Kirk Cousins on the Dolphins. I can’t wait until every quarterback in the league besides the obvious ones is brought up by the real-deal media, (that’s right I’m not the real-deal media. I write for FanSided), as potential candidates to be who the Dolphins may target. It’s going to get bad and this is hardly the beginning.

By the Way- Here is what Kirk Cousins is. Have a great weekend