Miami Dolphins grew tired of the relationships Brian Flores was burning

Brian Flores (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Brian Flores (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins fired Brian Flores on Black Monday, and one NFL reporter has a good idea why. He burned too many relationships.

Stephen Ross is no stranger to big ego head coaches. He did after all, deal with Adam Gase. In the end, Gase’s future with the Dolphins came down to his relationship with others on the team and his ego. It very well may have been the same for Brian Flores.

According to long time Miami Dolphins reporter Jeff Darlington, Flores’ relationships within the building and other factors led to his firing.

Darlington has always been one of the most reliable and trusting sources when it comes to inside information within the Dolphins so for him to address the firing of Brian Flores in this manner suggests that Flores may not have lost the locker room, but the trust of those he works with.

There is no question that his inability to fix the offense was a problem. His approach has always been something that teetered on “what the hell”. He fired Chad O’Shea after one year because his offense was too “complicated”. He hired Chan Gailey who seemed to sleep walk through his final NFL season. Then instead of hiring a bright mind to run his offense, he promoted two within who had no experience because he couldn’t decide.

If there is one thin that we have learned about in Miami is that you don’t cross paths with Chris Grier and Stephen Ross. Grier probably should be fired as well but there is no way that Ross makes that move.

If Flores managed to alienate himself from other executives, then it is clearer as to why he no longer had a job but there is still a lot more to this that we don’t realize. Either way, the search for another head coach will start immediately and despite the fact that Darlington says Jim Harbaugh is not on the radar, doesn’t mean he really isn’t.