Stephen Ross shouldn’t be hiring a new Miami Dolphins head coach

Stephen Ross,Maimi Dolphins Vs Los Angeles Chargers
Stephen Ross,Maimi Dolphins Vs Los Angeles Chargers /

The Miami Dolphins are officially looking for a new head coach and while there are some positives from firing Brian Flores, Stephen Ross should stay out of it.

Stephen Ross will once again be looking for a new head coach after firing Brian Flores early on Monday. It isn’t a job that he has many qualifications for. In fact, is anyone in the building really qualified to hire a head coach?

Stephen Ross became the full time owner of the Miami Dolphins way back in 2008 after buying the team from Wayne Huizenga. Since then, he has enjoyed two playoff appearances, and four winning seasons. One under Tony Sparano in 2008, one under Adam Gase, and two under Brian Flores.

If we look back at his coaching decisions, we can easily see the mess that was left behind.

  • Tony Sparano – Given one more year after attempt to hire Jim Harbaugh then fired half way through the season.
  • Jeff Fisher – Tried to hire Fisher but was used to get more money out of the Rams
  • Joe Philbin – One of the most unqualified head coaches in Miami Dolphins history. He too was given another year after a big “non-playoff” win late in the season. Fired half way through the next year.
  • Adam Gase – Fired after three seasons
  • Brian Flores – Fired after three seasons and back to back winning years.

Now, we are back in the saddle with Ross once again. Ross wants to win in Miami and at the age of 81 he knows that his window is closing fast but in reality, the Dolphins can’t go through another rebuild and win a championship any time soon.

A big problem for Miami is that no one is really qualified to look for a head coach. Ross has a bad track record, Tom Garfinkel is a great business man but isn’t a 100% football guy. That leaves Chris Grier who we already know is in a role that he probably isn’t qualified for either.

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Miami, Stephen Ross, needs someone on the football side of the business that knows football. Mike Tannenbaum was supposed to be that guy but was mired in a three headed executive situations with Grier and Gase and Dennis Hickey at one point.

All of this is not going to make Miami fans have faith in their process and they shouldn’t. There is no recent history on the side of Grier or Ross when it comes to hiring head coaches so why should this one be any different?